Community Security Grants Post Award Procedures

Mazel Tov on your Grant Award!

Items to Note
  1. These Procedures are necessary in order to allow the Foundation to track the progress of the grant recipients and provide the required fiscal and programmatic oversight. The Foundation wants each grantee organization to succeed and we want to partner with each organization to help insure that happens.
  2. All grantees are welcome to seek advice and/or provide feedback at any time.
  3. If any problems arise and/or a Grantee organization encounters trouble meeting its goals, please let the Foundation know so that we can try to assist.

Terms of Acceptance of Grant by Awardee

  1. The Foundation will provide oversight for the duration of all grant projects which may include a visit to the grantee organization and/or the appointing of liaisons from the Foundation to the grantee organization.
  2. A Final Report must be submitted to the Foundation. The Report is due 60 days following the completion of the grant.
  3. An awardee must inform its membership and the community of its receipt of funding.
  4. All public relations material relating to the funded project must include reference to the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven and that this grant is made in memory of Arthur and Yvette Eder.

Distribution of Funds

  1. No distribution of funds will be made until a grant proposal is submitted.
  2. Grant funds may only be used as described in the budget.
  3. The Board President must sign off on the Final Report.
  4. The Foundation can work with the grantee to determine the best way to provide documentation and payments.




  • These guidelines are provided to help you articulate and evaluate your grant activities. The report allows us to track the progress of our grantee organizations and to provide the required fiscal and programmatic oversight.
  • The report is due within 60 days following the completion of the grant as specified on your grant application.
  • If a section or question is not applicable to your grant, write “not applicable”. Please number the pages of your report.
  • Please add any additional information that may be helpful to our understanding of your progress.

Final Report