Our Impact

The Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven is dedicated to enriching and sustaining both the Jewish community and the broader Greater New Haven area. Through strategic partnerships with donors and local organizations, we provide essential funding that addresses a wide array of needs, ensuring vitality and resilience for all.

We offer significant support to both Israel and local Jewish organizations and synagogues, focusing on security, education, and humanitarian aid. By investing in community safety, assisting those in crisis, supporting the elderly, and providing educational scholarships, among other initiatives, our impact helps to build current and future support for a vibrant and secure Jewish community.

Our commitment also extends to the broader community, collaborating with local organizations to enhance social services, education, cultural enrichment, and community development. This inclusive approach fosters a supportive environment for everyone in Greater New Haven.

Thank you for considering the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven as your partner in philanthropy and community development. Together, we can ensure the enduring strength and vitality of both the Jewish community and the community at large.