In response to the devastating Hamas attacks in Israel, the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven is providing a list of philanthropic ideas to consider for support. We will update this list as the situation evolves.

Please Note: there are many other impactful organizations in Israel beyond this list – if you are seeking different or more targeted ideas, please just reach out and we would be happy to help.

You can make grants to any of these organizations from your Donor Advised Fund by logging into the Foundation Community Suite, or donate directly below.

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Overall Coordinated Response


The Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven has launched the New Haven Stands With Israel Fund and are working with our partners such as the Israel Trauma Coalition, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, and the Jewish Agency for Israel to help families and children in danger, to provide food and medicine for the elderly and disabled, to assist victims of physical and emotional trauma, and to find a safe haven for all in harm’s way.
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The Jewish Agency for Israel

JAFI’s Fund for Victims of Terror is a first responder when terror strikes, providing immediate assistance to victims, arriving with checks within 24-48 hours of an attack, and following up with long-term rehabilitative support.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

Providing support to those in the line of fire, including elderly, people with disabilities, children and families at risk, and other vulnerable populations adversely impacted.

Jewish National Fund

Evacuation from hardest hit communities on the border including transportation and emergency housing.

HIAS EMergency Response Protocols

Within 24 hours of the initial conflict, HIAS activated its Emergency Response protocols to provide life-saving support to those displaced. HIAS will work alongside the network of strong emergency and humanitarian actors to closely monitor the emerging needs and coordinate its programming to address them. With the expectation in a change of context, HIAS developed an initial 30-day response plan seeking to focus critical needs as well as HIAS core emergency capabilities. These include:

  • Urgent items such as hygiene supplies, blankets, school supplies, and dignity kits
  • Cash and voucher assistance to those affected by the crisis, especially those in shelters
  • Expanding impact through local partners for additional health, protection, housing/shelter, and legal services
  • Mental health and psychosocial support
  • Child protection
  • Referring and providing information to those affected to additional services

HIAS is also working to ensure the welfare of asylum seekers in Israel whom we serve.

NATAN Worldwide Disaster Relief

NATAN is providing trauma intervention, medical and dental care to survivors of the Oct. 7th invasion and massacre.

Support of Victims and Soldiers

Friends of Israel Defense Forces

Primary nonprofit organization dedicated to those serving in the Israel Defense Forces, wounded veterans, and the families of fallen soldiers.

Yad Ezra V’Shulamit

Providing immediate food and related provisions to soldiers in the interim as the IDF ramps up its full-scale military operation.

One Family Fund

Offering emergency grief and trauma counseling to all victims and survivors. Their employees and volunteers are visiting the injured in hospitals, cooking food for victims in areas of attack, and attending funerals before supporting the families of victims. 

Bayit Brigade

Raising emergency funds for lone soldiers, a term used to describe immigrants and volunteers mostly from abroad who enlist without a familial support network in the country.


Working with vulnerable communities and evacuated families to coordinate humanitarian efforts, focusing on psychosocial support, stress relief activities, child psychological support, and relief supplies.

Leket Israel

Major supplier of food to those in need. Leket Israel, the National Food Bank, is the leading food rescue organization in Israel.

NATAL Global Resilience NATAL

the Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center, is an apolitical organization providing multidisciplinary treatment and support to direct and indirect victims of trauma due to terror and war in Israel.

ZAKA Search and Rescue

ZAKA is Israel’s dominant non-governmental rescue and recovery organization, with over 3,000 volunteers deployed around the country, on call 24/7 to respond to any terror attack, disaster, or accident immediately.

Medical Response

Magen David Adom

Israel’s national emergency medical, disaster, ambulance and blood bank service, primarily staffed by volunteers.

United Hatzalah

The Israeli volunteer ambulance service is seeking to equip an additional 1,000 volunteers with protective vests and helmets, oxygen tanks, defibrillators, trauma bandages, and tourniquets.

Soroka Medical Center

The major medical center serving the South of Israel – the region primarily affected by Hamas’ attacks.


Exactly 50 years after the start of the Yom Kippur War, Hamas launched an unprecedented assault on Israel, with hundreds dead and thousands more injured, many of whom are currently being treated at Hadassah Medical Organization. Make a gift today to protect and heal the people of Israel.

American Committee for Shaare Zedek

Hospital where Israeli and Arab doctors are working together to save lives.

Herzog Medical Center

Herzog’s Metiv Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma is playing a leading role in providing trauma counseling to help so many families coping with unimaginable personal horrors. Additionally Herzog is designated as the primary destination for respiratory care patients from the South of Israel.

Long Term Resilience and Reconstruction of Targeted Communities

SDEROT Foundation

Supports resilience, employment and rebuilding projects for the 30,000 residents of this large, frequently-targeted community on the Gaza border. (Not eligible for DAF grants.)