Women of Vision

The Jewish Foundation’s Women of Vision Society has been helping women and girls in the Greater New Haven area and Israel for over 20 years. This endowment, created by 100 founding members in our community, has tackled issues from domestic violence and health to acculturation and spirituality. The endowment has more than doubled its membership and giving since its creation. Since its inception, Women of Vision has disbursed over $220,000 to help seed and sustain critical programming and services for women and girls. Application deadline is Tuesday, January 30, 2024.

Dignity Grows

Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven – Dignity Grows

Human Dignity is not a luxury, yet many women suffer from period poverty, lacking money to purchase basic menstrual and hygiene products.  This initiative mobilizes volunteers to organize, assemble, and distribute free, reusable totes filled with a month’s supply of these basic necessities.  This program also partners with local organizations, such as Jewish Family Service and the Diaper Bank, to get the monthly supplies to the women who need them.

Yahar Lachayal

Yashar LaChayal – Female Hareidi Lone Soldier Project

This organization has supported lone soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces since 2006, and ultra-orthodox lone soldiers since 2019.  The support of female, ultra-orthodox lone soldiers is their newest initiative.  These young women are soldiers from ultra-orthodox families who don’t receive support from their families due to their decisions to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces.  These girls need a place to live and a support system that will guide them — Including a home for them while they are on leave, assistance with integration into the IDF, and a support system during and after their service.

Kibbutz Megiddo

Camp Laurelood - CL At The Well

As a Jewish summer camp in Connecticut that serves hundreds of young women, we will incorporate programming centered around their development, care and empowerment.  Camp Laurelwood plans to provide a space and sessions throughout the summer for our female staff and campers, administered by female year-round staff members. 

•	The Towers at Tower Lane

The Towers at Tower Lane – Horticulture Therapy for Cognitively Impaired Older Adults

20 Residents and 20 Volunteers meet bi-monthly for 1.5 hours to design floral arrangements.  The act of creating brings social, emotional, and cognitive value to residents and volunteers.  Participants enjoy continued stimulation viewing their creations in their apartments.  Volunteers use the extra plant materials to make floral displays for the common area, uplifting everyone.

Yahar Lachayal

B’nai B’rith Youth Organization - BBYO Building Sisterhood

BBYO delivers impact by bringing teens together in powerful Jewish environments.  The most well attended and widely implemented gathering moments in BBYO are regional conventions, which always have special moments for BBGs (female – identifying participants) to bond as a community, celebrate and grow together through programs rooted in tradition and self – love.

Kibbutz Megiddo

The Israeli Center for Cult Victims – Single - Parent Mothers’ Seminar on Personal Empowerment and Economic Growth for Cult Survivor Women

Many victims lack education and training, knowledge and professional working tools.  The distress only intensifies when they are single-parent mothers, their children and household depends on them financially.  The seminar will help them rehabilitate, accumulate practical knowledge and acquire useful tools, thus restoring their independence and producing economic stability.

•	The Towers at Tower Lane

Haifa Rape Crisis Center (HRCC) – You Are Not Alone

This project provides an emotional resilience group for mothers whose children have been sexually harmed or abused.  Groups run for 25 sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours each.  They are overseen by two professionally trained facilitators, and can accommodate up to 10 women.

Charitable Giving

Kaleidoscope – Next Steps for Women

This initiative will join 22 early childhood educators of different religious expressions and cultures in professional training that fosters their appreciation for one another and for diversity. The project includes workshops, resources and mentoring, enabling them to foster appreciation for diversity in their kindergartens and to become diversity education facilitators.

Kibbutz Megiddo

Shaalei Tikva – Mother-Daughter Bat Mitzvah Program

Bat-Mitzvah girls and their mothers and grandmothers will celebrate the event in style, partaking in the holy ceremony of ‘separating the dough’.  The generations will rejoice together observing this unique women’s ritual, and then travel to Rachel’s Tomb to identify as Jewish women, strengthening their mother-daughter bonds of womanhood.

Kibbutz Megiddo

JScreen at Emory University – Jewish Federation & JCC of Greater New HavenJScreen Fund

The collaboration with the Jewish Federation and JCC of Greater New Haven will provide education and access to genetic screening and counseling regarding the risk of developing hereditary cancer or having a child with a genetic disease.  These goals will be accomplished through a one-day symposium and other outreach efforts.

You can join the Women of Vision Society through a one-time gift of $1,000.00 (payable in 3 years or fewer). For more information contact Beth Kupcho, Jewish Foundation Scholarship and Philanthropy Manager.

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