Jewish Foundation Professional Development Grants for Jewish Educators Application

Application for Individual Grant

Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven Professional Development Grant

These grants are made possible thanks to the Judith A. Kaye Fund for improving Jewish Education through Teacher Training as well as Community education funds.

Individual Applicants please note:

Applicant must be a classroom educator employed in Jewish education in one of the organizations listed below. Eligible programs must be hosted by a recognized Jewish institution or reputable educational institution. An evaluation of the program is required 60 days after completion of the program. In your evaluation, please include detailed information on what you gained from participating in the program and how it will affect your work. In addition, you will be required to provide an article within 60 days for Shalom New Haven outlining what you did. There are two opportunities for applications, April 15, 2024 and December 2, 2024.


  • Grants must be approved prior to attending a conference.
  • Application must be endorsed by the school directors/supervisors warranting the conference.

Guidelines for Professional Development Grant


Which organizations qualify?
  • Day Schools : Teachers including principals at So. Conn. Hebrew Academy (formerly NHHDS), Ezra Academy, Beth Chana Academy, Jewish High School of CT, Hebrew High School of New England, Yeshivas Beis Dovid Shlomo.
  • Pre-schools: Teachers and directors at Yeladim and synagogue pre-schools (located in GNH)
  • Synagogue Schools: Teachers and principals at synagogue schools (located in GNH)
  • JTW “(Jewish Teen Education”).
  • Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven: For community programs providing professional development for Jewish educators.
    • For example, the funds may be used to hold a Community-wide program for synagogue school principals where an educator and/or program is brought to New Haven and all of the synagogues participate (similar possibilities exist for day schools and for Jewish pre-schools).
Who qualifies?
  • Classroom educators of qualified Jewish organizations and must:
    • Be employed by the organization for minimum of one year.
  • Educators looking to attend a program on annual basis will only be funded biennially if all other eligibility criteria is met.
What program qualifies?
  • Eligible programs must be hosted by a recognized Jewish institution or reputable educational¬†institution as well as:
    • Must be targeted directly to educators.
    • Must take place outside the normal workplace.
    • Must be related to Jewish education.
    • Must be related to curriculum development not admin.

Funding Available:

The Jewish Foundation will fund a maximum of 70% of the total cost up to $750 per teacher experience. Funding is maxed at $2,500 per legal organization.

Eligible Costs include:

  • Registration
  • Standard Accommodations
  • Travel Costs

Non Eligible cost include:

  • Luxury Accommodations
  • Food and concessions
  • Gratuities and Donations
  • Souvenirs