Past Jewish Foundation Events and Sponsorships

The Jewish Foundation hosts and sponsors a diverse array of events, reflecting our commitment to the Jewish community , and the Border New Haven community as a whole, through engagement, cultural enrichment, and philanthropic support.


Jewish Educational Workshops and Seminars
We have sponsored numerous educational workshops and seminars aimed at promoting Jewish heritage, history, and values. These events have included guest lectures from renowned scholars, interactive discussions, and educational trips, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Jewish culture.

Professional Advisor Series

We are proud to offer a biannual Tax and Financial Planning Series. These sessions provide valuable insights and strategies on tax planning, retirement preparation, investment management, and estate planning. Join us to stay informed and make the most of your financial opportunities.


Support of the Arts
The Foundation has proudly supported numerous cultural festivals celebrating both Jewish and secular music, art,  literature lectures, and film series. These provide a platform for artists and performers to showcase their talents, and for the community to engage in rich cultural experiences.

Youth and Family Programs
Recognizing the importance of nurturing the next generation, we have sponsored various youth and family-oriented programs. These include summer camps and leadership development workshops, all designed to strengthen Jewish identity and community bonds.

Community Service Initiatives
The Jewish Foundation has a strong tradition of supporting community service projects. These initiatives range from local volunteering efforts, such as food drives and support for the homeless, to international relief efforts, including aid for disaster-stricken regions and support for global Jewish communities.

Scholarship Programs
To support the educational aspirations of young Jewish students, we have established scholarship programs that provide financial assistance for higher education. These scholarships help ease the financial burden on families and encourage academic excellence.

Holocaust Remembrance Events
We have been honored to sponsor numerous Holocaust remembrance events, ensuring that the memories of those who perished are honored and that the lessons of history are not forgotten. These events include memorial services, educational exhibits, and survivor testimonies.

Health and Wellness Programs
In partnership with local health organizations, our foundation has sponsored health and wellness programs focusing on issues such as mental health, preventive care, and support for the elderly. These programs aim to enhance the well-being of our community members.

Through these events and sponsorships, the Jewish Foundation continues to uphold its mission of fostering a vibrant, connected, and supportive Jewish community. We look forward to continuing this tradition and expanding our efforts in the years to come.