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Create a gift that keeps on giving.

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A donor-advised fund (DAF) with the Jewish Foundation is a smart giving tool that helps you organize your giving, maximize tax benefits, and enhances the impact of your generosity.

For individuals and families seeking active involvement in philanthropy, a Philanthropic Fund (also called a donor-advised fund, or DAF) allows the donor to create a named fund that provides flexibility in charitable giving. A Philanthropic Fund allows the donor to recommend distributions to any qualified tax-exempt organization – Think of it as your personal Charitable Checking account! The Foundation administers the fund, vets grantees, and invests the assets.

It’s like having your own charitable foundation – without all the paperwork

These funds are a wonderful way to involve the family in givingthe donor and his/her family discuss which charitable organizations will benefit from the impact of their donation. These funds can be established with a minimum gift of $10,000.


  • Start your fund with a simple agreement, which can be completed in minutes. The donor may be an individual, a family or a corporation.
  • Make additional tax deductible contributions at any time.
  • Recommend distributions to charities you want to support.
  • The Foundation handles ail administrative responsibilities, freeing you to focus on the joy of giving.
  • Pass on to your children the right to recommend distributions from your fund.