Bobbe Grossman established a scholarship fund for Camp Laurelwood in memory of her husband, Richard Grossman z’l.

“There’s an Irving Berlin song about hating to get up in the morning—it references murdering the bugler and amputating his revelry.  As a camper at Laurelwood the summers of 1940,’41 and ‘42, I remember that this was a popular song as the bugler woke us each morning by tooting revelry. I did not actually know the bugler; only that he was one of the older kids and that his name was Dick.

Fast forward—on June 6, 1954, Richard Grossman and Roberta Davis married.

When we talked about our days at Laurelwood, it became evident that I had married the bugler! While he no longer bugled, he did spend our wonderful married years waking me up each morning.”

–Bobbe (“Roberta”) Davis Grossman

Type of Fund/Area of Need: Funds for Jewish Camping

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