Community Security Grants

Policies and Procedures

These monies are available thanks to the Arthur Eder Family Fund of the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven and are made in memory of Arthur and Yvette Eder.

Criteria for Project Selection

Grant must be used to provide and enhance security for your institution. Grants are available to greater New Haven area synagogues, the JCC, Camp Laurelwood, Ezra Academy, and Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy. Grants for synagogues, Ezra, and Southern CT Hebrew Academy are up to $10,000


  1. Grant applications will be accepted from tax-exempt organizations classified under Section 501 (c)3 or described in Section 170 (b) (1) (A) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  2. When applicable, applications must be signed by the Executive Director and/or Rabbi and the Board President or another officer of the applicant organization.
  3. Grant recipients are required to submit a report on the use of funding and documentation confirming how it was spent. A copy of the final report will be available online.
  4. If your organization has previously been awarded a grant, the Foundation will consider prior performance including: 1) whether the money that was awarded was or was not utilized; 2) whether the program or project for which the grant was awarded was or was not used for the purpose for which it was awarded; and 3) whether an adequate final report and/or evaluation was or was not submitted.
  5. All publicity about the project must state that funding, in total or in part, was provided by the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven in memory of Arthur and Yvette Eder. Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven logo available upon request for use in program materials.
  6. NEW REQUIRMENT FOR 2023 & FORWARD: Applicant must have had a security site consultation with Michael Shanbrom, Regional Security Advisor, [email protected]; 872-273-9059