Why Ask Why: Adding Value and Values to Your Client Relationships

February 25, 2001  •  8am – 9:15am. •  Jay Weisman, CAP®, Founder of Legacy Philanthropy Group

Liora Lew

With Jay Weisman, CAP®, Founder of Legacy Philanthropy Group

Most advisors excel at helping their clients accumulate and protect their wealth with long term financial goals in mind. However, the majority of advisors stop short when it comes to helping their clients discover the meaning of the wealth they are accumulating.

By blending financial and values-based planning, an advisor can build multi-generational relationships and help their clients align their financial plans with their personal values and their desire to make a difference.

This session provides an overview of the perception gaps that often exist between advisors and their clients when it comes to discussing charitable giving and philanthropy. Participants will gain a fresh perspective on wealth, philanthropy and legacy while exploring the substantial benefit they can add in helping their clients implement planning strategies that are based on purpose-driven goals. Advisors will learn techniques and best practices for leveraging the philanthropic conversation to make a profound and lasting impact on their practices, their clients and families, and their communities.

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