Women of Vision Grant Recipients 2020

Women of the Wall – “Claiming What’s Ours”

“Claiming What’s Ours” empathetically asserts that despite the ultra-Orthodox monopoly over religion in Israel, there is no halachic (Jewish law) basis for denying women access to Jewish learning, leadership and public involvement. Through WOW’s programming, women are empowered to reclaim Jewish ritual and tradition, finding fulfillment in their spiritual lives.

Haifa Rape Crisis Center (HRCC, Afula location) – “You Are Not Alone”

This project provides an emotional resilience group for mothers whose children have been sexually harmed or abused.

JScreen at Emory/Yale Program

To provide outreach, education, and genetic screening for Jewish students, male and female, at Yale University. The screening, which can be done at home or on-site, is a simple saliva test to help determine the risk of having a child with a hereditary generic disease.

Kaleidoscope, Israel – “Next Steps for Women”

This initiative will join religious and secular Israeli and Ethiopian-Israeli early childhood educators and their aides in becoming leaders in diversity education. It will include workshops, resources and mentoring, enabling them to foster appreciation for diversity in their kindergartens and to become diversity education facilitators for other communities as well.

The Jewish Agency for Israel – Alma Pre-Army Academy for Female Leadership

Alma prepares young Israeli women from socially and economically marginalized communities for meaningful assignments in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), paving the way for future opportunities. Alma offers a six-month curriculum that develops each participant’s self-confidence, sense of purpose, and understanding of her important place in Jewish history.

Women’s Spirit, Israel – Financial Independence for Women Survivors of Violence: “Crossing the Street” program

“Crossing the Street” enables women survivors of violence to overcome professional and occupational barriers, establish economic independence, and regain control of their lives. “Crossing the Street” is community focused, long-term, and provides participants with useful tools, employment skills, confidence & self-worth, time management and financial planning to advance them financially and occupationally.

Towers Foundation – Making A Difference while Sheltering in Place: Senior COVID Community Care

The goal of this project is to produce cloth pocket masks for Greater New Haven first responders, Towers residents, Towers family members, Towers employees and local community organizations in need. This project provides Towers’ seniors, who are sheltering in place, with meaningful and purposeful daily activities that make a positive impact on their community and surrounding neighborhoods.

Beit Ruth, Israel – Advocacy and Outreach Initiative

Beit Ruth is a long-term residential and academic campus that addresses post-trauma in teenage girls who are removed from their homes by court order. Individualized programs and services delivered through a gender lens with a holistic framework enable girls to heal, receive an education, and learn critical life skills. Beit Ruth takes a leadership role in advocating for social change. Through partnerships and coalition – building, this initiative presents a model program with national and international communities of influencers, stakeholders and professionals, providing a roadmap to identifying abuse and providing treatment.